Iran has alleged involvement of Pakistani agents in attack over Pasdaran meeting in which 49 people including some top commanders of the Iranian elite force were killed. Iran President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has called on Pakistan to help catch terrorists responsible for the suicide attack. Iran says there was evidence the Jundallah members came to Iran from Pakistan. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, said, "We ask the Pakistani government not to delay any longer in apprehending the main culprits of this terrorist attack. We were also informed that some security agents in Pakistan are cooperating with the main elements of this terrorist incident. It is our right to demand these criminals," official Iranian news agency cited the Iran president as saying. Iranian Interior Minister called up his Pakistani counterpart Rehman Malik. Rehman Malik assured his Iranian counterpart Mustafa Muhammed Najjar of his complete cooperation over terror incident in Iran which cost several lives. Iranian minister requested Rehman Malik to help arrest Abdul Malik Regi who is involved in terror incidents. Rehman Malik told Iranian counterpart that Abdul Malik was not in Pakistan according to some sources. Earlier, Iran's Foreign Ministry summoned Pakistan's charge d'affaires to protest against the terrorists' use of Pakistani soil to conduct activities against the Iran.