KARACHI - Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) Pakistan General Secretary Liaquat Baloch on Sunday rejected the Kerry-Lugar Bill and asked the government to present the bill in a joint session of the parliament. 'Kerry-Lugar Bill is against the national sovereignty and independence, stated Liaquat Baloch while addressing a press conference here at JI Sindh office. JI Sindh Information Secretary Mujahid Channa, Hafiz Naeem-ur-Rehman, Farooq Namatullah and others were also present on the occasion. Baloch said that government had no right to take any decision regarding Kerry-Lugar Bill without keeping in confidence the masses. He further demanded of the govt present the bill in a joint session of the parliament for deciding over the fate of the bill. He asked how President Obama has signed the bill which was rejected by the people of Pakistan, adding that the present rulers are following the US-appeasing policies of former President Musharraf. He further said that JI would organise referendum against the insulting Kerry-Lugar Bill to be held on 23 October across the country in order to have consensus of the masses of the country. Commenting on the commencing of Army operation in Wazeeristan, he said that the sense of retaliation against the policies of the government to carry out army operation in Balochistan, Swat, Malakand and other areas are fast emerging. He demanded of the government to immediately stop the army operation in the said areas and adopt a way of dialogue and negotiations to resolve the issues. Baloch said that the Army operation was not an option and JI is not in favour of waging army operations in any area of the country. He pointed out that a distance is being created between Army and people of the country in the name of foreign aid. He alleged that United States, Israel and India are involved in the ongoing insurgency in the country, and suggested the government to address the issues through considering political and economical grounds. JI top stalwart warned the rulers to change the ongoing anti-people polices, otherwise it is feared that the people of the country might go for the bloody struggle against the government. He urged the government to hold the probe of 18 October, 12 May, 9 April and 27th December incidents. He said that despite enjoying rule in Islamabad and Sindh PPPP leadership has completely failed to hold an investigation of October 18th and December 27th incidents which puts a question mark on the integrity of their government. In a query, Baloch said that JI was not in favour of mid-term elections in the country, but it seems that the poor performance of the government will ultimately make people of the country to have midterm elections. He announced that JI has decided to contest the local bodies election. In another question, He termed NRO as a black law saying that through NRO Civil and Military establishment want to dive the politician according to their wishes.