LAHORE - Owing to the negligence of PHA staff, stray dogs on Sunday tore into pieces nine precious peacocks confined in shabby cages at Bagh-e-Jinnah. The visitors expressed grief and sorrow over the gruesome incident and held the PHA officials responsible for the terrible episode. Following the routine practice, the PHA has constituted a committee to probe into the tragedy and bring the responsible to book. Wild Life Secretary Babar Hassan Bhawana has also ordered an immediate inquiry into the incident. Details reveal that some beautiful peacocks were put in the cages which were in ramshackle condition since long. One side of these cages had been covered by a thick sheet (Tarpal) but it had developed some small and big holes. Capitalizing on the situation, the stray dogs that used to roam freely in Bagh-e-Jinnah, intruded into the cages to swoop on their preys. They killed the gorgeous peacocks by tearing them into pieces. After enjoying lunch of innocent peacocks, the dogs left the garden with calm and fearlessness. As the staff deputed for the surveillance was not present on duty, the beasts walked away in style, giving impression they were officially invited for the lavish feast. Taking cognisance of the issue, PHA DG Raheel Ahmed Saddiqi has constituted a committee comprising directors and deputy directors. The inquiry committed will submit its report within two days. Wild Life Secretary Babar Hassan Bhawana showed outrage over the incident, saying these peacocks had been encaged illegally. He said the wild life department had not allowed anyone to keep peacocks there. He said the responsible would have to face the music.