ISLAMABAD - Growing terror threats in the wake of the ongoing Waziristan Operation has forced the NWFP provincial government to shift the venue for the National Finance Commissions regional meeting scheduled for October 29-30 at Peshawar to a secure place. Sources in the provincial government informed TheNation on Sunday that the vulnerability for VIP activity in the provincial capital has increased manifold after the launch of Operation Rah-e-Nejat in South Waziristan. Therefore, the intelligence apparatus has informed the NWFP government to avoid convening of high profile gatherings or meetings at the provincial headquarters. After the terror strike against the Peshawar PC hotel, there is hardly any facility for accommodation of such guests as the invitees for the NFC meeting, the sources added. According to sources, the provincial govt had the option of Abottabad as the alternate venue for the meeting in place of Peshawar. However, the NWFP govt was not in a position to take a final decision in this regard again due to security concerns, the sources added. The Commission so far has held two meetings starting from Islamabad followed by Quetta and has agreed in principle to chalk out a new formula for the much-awaited 7th NFC Award for distribution of resources amongst the centre and the provinces. As per the agreement reached between the centre and the provinces during the last two-day meeting at Quetta on October 12-13, revenue generation and collection, area of population dispersion, and backwardness would also be included in addition to population as the basis for distribution of resources. The next session of NFC in NWFP is supposed to take up modalities of the multi-factor criteria for distribution of the divisible pool of resources to be drawn meanwhile by the subcommittee involving provincial and federal finance secretaries. Contrary to anticipation of Finance Minister Shaukat Tarin to finalize the NFC Award within October, it is going to take at least another month. Even after the NWFP meeting, the NFC is supposed to meet at Karachi and Lahore, once at each place, before final convening at Islamabad. Therefore, the process is likely to take reasonable time to be concluded at an agreeable formula called the 7th NFC Award.