NRO brought PPP in power and its newborn twin-sister KLB aims to prolong the dictatorial rule of present political cartel of PPP, MQM, MMA, ANP. It is tragically being bulldozed through with their parliamentary majority with which they thwart any move that does not suit their vested interests be that trial of Musharraf or the continued presence of NATO in the region. The chief head honcho of PPP, Mr. Zardari, hence, acts more like a dictator in uniform than a President in civvies, acting extra constitutionally in day to day party and national affairs. He has publicly reneged from all his COD pledges be they concern restoration of judiciary or ending of the 58-2B, 17th amendment etc. The armada of nearly hundred incompetent ministers in tow, he is laying his hands on every plum in the orchard and has been so brazen in his corruption that none seems to question him. The motives behind KBL, it appears, are to perpetuate the unlimited power of the present rulers so that they can serve their masters in USA/UK on their terms. I am confident, though, that Nawaz Sharif, after his return, would rise for the Long March 2 against the anti poor policies of the ruling political cartel. -Z. I. RAHIMULLAH, Hyderabad, October 16.