Apparently, there is no unrest in the country. There is no 'situation of law and order, no peoples movement, no disobedience, nothing. The civil administration is intact, police working. Everything seems in place. Yes, there is some distress among the masses over their economic plight; price hikes, a shortage of food, wave of terrorism etc. are exacerbating their anxiety too. But nobody knows where from these suicide-bombers/ terrorists have come in, exploding bombs, hitting buildings, killing people and creating chaos? Who is involved in this conspiracy of mayhem? Who is behind it? Nobody wants this, no one likes it, which means those who are doing this are not from within. They are either outsiders infiltrated from other countries or agents of the enemy countries. This is a fake, forced crisis, an artificial unrest created the way some artificial crises were created in some African countries before the apocalypses which caused those states to fail. This situation is being contrived to wrongly project that Pakistan is a failed state that can neither protect itself against terrorists nor safegaurd its nuclear arsenal and, therefore, an international force should come in and secure the nukes. This campaign is aimed at forcing our leaderships hand, making them take wrong decisions and act in panic or fury. This must not succeed. The terrorists must be taught that we would not be scared or deterred. We would hit back hard, we would fight back. This is our country. We know how to defend it. -MARYA MUFTI, Lahore, October 16.