This is apropos the US Consul General, Mr Stephen. G. Fakans press conference in Quetta on October 14. Its unfortunate that instead of recognizing Pakistans efforts in combating terrorism, the Americans are continuing with their 'do more mantra. After 9/11 Americans, went all out, killed hundreds of thousands of people including women and children in their quest to punish the terrorists. Following the Mumbai attacks, the Indians are also echoing the intent. Pakistan has suffered enormously during the American campaign against terror. And lately, the world has not even made any show of support for Pakistan when the terrorists attacked our General Headquarters. Instead of offering unbridled support to its principle ally in the war on terror, the West has just pulled a new rabbit out of its hat by saying Pakistan is not serious about elimination of the Quetta Shoora comprising Al-Qaeda militants and Taliban leadership. Insurgency of any kind, anyone in the know would tell you, is a different kind of operation. 'Elimination may take decades. Take the example of IRA of Ireland. How much time and effort it took for them to lay down arms? Sri Lankans took 30 years to end this menace and it only became possible once the Indian support for Tamils stopped. A few terrorists might have sneaked into Balochistan and even other parts of the country but does it mean that they are controlling the world? It is important that USA in particular and the NATO in general must do some thinking on eliminating the root causes of terrorism too. The Indian involvement in Afghanistan\\Pakistan has been confirmed even by General McCrystal. Afghanistan is the breeding ground that is providing funding (narco money) and training to these terrorists. It is time that deadly wisp of white smoke is stopped from wafting all round the region. The Afghan border must be sealed and all Afghan refugees have to be repatriated immediately. -COLONEL (Rtd) SHAHID ZAHUR, Rawalpindi, October 16.