This is with reference to the Bill submitted in National Assembly Secretariat by MQM and subsequent letter published in your paper recently. I would like to say that being a landlord is not a crime or sin. Federal Shariat Court has already declared unlawful the forceful taking of ones property. Love for land is a great virtue of man. A person having land in a region must be having love for that region and country as well. One wonders why there is so much landlord bashing in Pakistan? Why the people who got money from bank and later got them written off are being spared or the state functionaries who illegally acquired properties worth billions of rupees let off the hook? The landlords are the assets of this land because their land constitutes the breadbasket of the country. Moreover, they cannot transfer their land like the industrialists or the business tycoons do. Please stop this landlord bashing. And why are we forgetting that the landlords both big and small pay their taxes through the system of indirect system of taxation. Every agricultural product they buy ranging from seeds to fertilizers, they pay the taxes. Secondly, it is not the landlords who are the cause of destruction and decline of Pakistan but rather it is the military bureaucratic oligarchy that has plundered the nation. Things are bad because of them and not because of landlords. One wonders why doesnt the MQM talks about them? The step by the MQM is highly unrealistic. True some of landlords and feudal lords treat their tenants in a harsh manner yet generalizing their misdeeds and blaming the entire community of big farmers is unfortunate. The leaders who had no land in the country have always preferred to live abroad while those who had agricultural holdings love to stay here. Such people have love for their country. I request the MQM not to target the section of public, which is contributing and supporting the agriculture sector. The true democracy would be established in Karachi once peace and stability returns to Karachi. The MQM must pay attention to that. MUHAMAMD SALEEM KHAN, Hazara, , October 17.