LAHORE Pakistan Medical Association (PMA) has strongly condemned the appointment of 2,500 Pakistani consultants in Saudi Arabia by declaring it a negligence of the federal and provincial governments who have failed to address the problems of the doctors community within the country. Addressing a Press conference at PMA house on Monday, the representatives of the association including Prof Dr Yasmin Rashid and Dr Salman Kazmi demanded of the Punjab government to withdraw the ban on repair of machinery in public hospitals, which has been imposed recently as an austerity measure to allocate funds for flood victims. They said the wrong policies of the government would lead to drain of remaining consultants from Pakistan as well. They said the government had given a special pay packages to the judiciary but doctors had been totally ignored and they had neither been given a pay raise nor a regular service structure has been announced for them and as a result of which thousands of doctors had left Pakistan. They warned the government that if a special pay package would not be announced for the doctors, the 1,800 more consultants would be forced to resign and leave the country. The PMA also criticised the Punjab Regulation Department for not issuing the notifications of appointment of PGMOs as Assistant Professors, SRs and District Specialists. Despite of the approval by chief minister last year the department had only issued a part of the notification for AP but failed to issue the complete notification for SR and district specialists, they added. They demanded all regular assistant professors should be promoted as associates, the summary approved by the chief minister should be implemented in letter and spirit, 88 seats of senior registrars should be converted to assistant professors so that surplus contract assistant professors and PGMOs could be adjusted and seats of four new medical collages used to adjust PGMOs. They also demanded the restoration of promotion quota for SR and AP to 50/50 and of Professor from 80/20 to 90/10. The association further demanded of the government foolproof security arrangements for the hospitals and urged to take steps for recovery of Dr Ali Abdullah of Jinnah Hospital who had been missing since last three months. The PMA warned that they would be forced to protest if the government fails to address their genuine demands.