Well, undoubtedly Pakistan is a place where new records are set every day. The recent crisis where the entire stock of countrys sugar disappeared is one of its kinds. It was shocking to know that one has to show ID cards to buy the Sugar. Is this good governance? It is a pity that one can buy all kinds of chemical material, acids etc without any showing any ID card, but for sugar an everyday necessity you have to show an ID CARD. This is a shame. The sugar crisis is feared to deepen further in the next few months. It is worth mentioning here that at present sugar is available at a price of Rs 90 to Rs 100 per kg in different parts of the country. In a number of places, it is not even available. However, it is available at Rs 38/kg at Utility Stores Corporation outlets but for that we had to line up for many hours just to buy 2 kg sugar. The sugar supply at these stores is not sufficient to fulfill the public demand. It is however unfortunate that due to this mismanagement in sugar industry the victims would be consumers who have to buy the essential item at a much higher rate. To avoid recurrence of such crisis, the government of Sindh had assured to take appropriate action against the middlemen in the sugarcane industry. He also promised that growers will ensure direct supply of sugarcane to the sugar mills. All these prominent sugar holders are either part of the government or the parliament. They should be publicly held responsible and than punished. These are the real exploiters of this nation. Responsibility lies on the shoulders of the economic managers to evolve a mechanism in such a manner that enables the local industry to survive while the price of this essential item remains within the reach of the consumers. S.FARAH ABBAS NAQVI, Karachi, October 18.