If Pakistan had built some large dams in the wasted 10 years of Musharraf era, today, the impact of floods would have been much less. These floods are an eye opener for those myopic politicians, who cant see beyond their nose. Economically speaking, in this point in time, Pakistan is much worse off than we were at the time of our inception. Today Foreign exchange reserves are USD 15 billions against loans of about USD 60 billions. We always cry that dictators had no vision and they did nothing for the long-term benefit of Pakistan. Now we must turn this crisis into an opportunity, by planning for at least 100 years ahead. The Prime Minister must immediately galvanize the parliament along with all political forces outside the parliament, to jointly sit and agree on a 100 years growth and development vision for Pakistan. This vision should be divided into twenty-five years plans on which all the politicians should agree. This planning will give a clear direction to the nation and also save the time and energy of the incumbent government. It must also be remembered that changing environmental conditions, are going to be the biggest challenge in near future for countries like Pakistan. The future environmental calamities like the floods may even be on a much larger scale. What has recently happened to the country should be an eye opener for the entire nation and also for SAARC countries because the floods caused considerable destruction there. SYED NAYYAR UDDIN AHMAD, Lahore, October 18.