GUJRANWALA - Pakistan Tehreek Insaf Chairman Imran Khan has said that only 200 honest and dedicated people are needed to revolutionise the country and change the system for restoration of peace which will bring forth economic prosperity. The PTI will get the nation rid of the Police, kutchery and patwari culture in the country and will revive the dignity and honour of the masses to make them realise they are an independent nation. PTI Chief Imran Khan was addressing a public gathering here wherein PML-Q leader and former Minister of State Shahid Akram Bhinder announced joining the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf. Besides Mr Bhinder, Muhammad Ashfaq Tarrar (relative of former President Rafique Tarrar), former Nazim Sadaqat Mand, Shafaqat Ali Qadri and others also join the party. Speaking on the occasion, Imran said that currently Pakistan was grappling with hydra-headed problems and was going through a critical juncture of its history. He claimed that only PTI was capable of steering the country out of the quagmire of crises and solving aggravated problems of the masses. The present state of affairs of the national institutions like PIA, Wapda, KESC, Steel Mills, and Railways which have gone bankrupt, is the gift from the present Zardari regime, the Cricketer-turned-politician averred, adding that these state-owned entities could be put back on track if billions of rupees looted from these departments was brought back. Good governance could only be ensured through honest and dedicated people which the PTI proudly has in its rank and file, Imran boasted. The PTI chairman was of the view that workers were the real asset to the party and they should be rest assured that the team selected by Imran Khan would develop a new integrated and prosperous Pakistan in which locally indigenous local bodies system would solve all problems at village level instead of 'molesting peoples right in Kutchery and police stations and at the hand of patwaris. Imran Khan questioned people whether they found any difference between the PPP and the PML-N, adding that if both the parties were sincere towards the country they should end corruption and dismantle tax evasion culture after announcing their assets. Self analysis and accountability is the first condition for any leader and one who cant hold himself accountable before the nation, does not have the right to rule, the PTI chief argued and added that both the PPP and PML-N leaders should think about Pakistan otherwise the time was not far-off when they would become relic of the past. The days of PML-N are numbered as 30th October will decide the fate of Lahore when Lahorites will express their affiliation with the PTI instead of the PML-N, Imran declared eloquently. Earlier, Shahid Akram Bhinder in his speech paid rich tribute to Imran Khan and said that traditional politician had given nothing but disparity to the masses.