New Delhi Times September 13, 2014 published an article “Expansion: The Call of the Hour for Indian Army” must be alarming for neighbouring countries, especially Pakistan, for it further indicates to the expansionist designs of New Delhi. Dr Ankit Srivastava, the author highlights, on one hand the strengths of the Indian army and on the other emphasizes on acquiring modern weaponry and machination, for making the Indian army capable of facing any threat whether it is foreign or indigenous.

India, in its current budget allocated around 2 percent of its GDP for defence needs which, Dr Ankit says, is not enough. Three messages are noteworthy, firstly, India is going to make its army strong, equal to world standard, as well as by purchasing modern weapons and defence equipment; secondly, India is going to expand its operations all over the world projecting them as peaceful and for the betterment of the region; thirdly, India views China as a threat and wants the South Asian region as well as western countries to give importance to India and make it strong to face China.

Pakistan needs to highlight and expose Indian designs in the region and its global power struggle that can cause imbalance, particularly amongst the neighbouring countries. Pakistan also needs to take the Indian ambitions as serious and must not merely rely on its intentions to engage India through talks. It must continue working with its friendly countries towards strengthening the armed forces, modernizing its weaponry and making its defence impregnable.


Islamabad, September 22.