I was amazed to see that Tahirul Qadri is now withdrawing from his agenda. Qadri declared that if he came to power he would eliminate all laws, in the constitution, which are declaring some sects as ‘Kaafir.’ He said that no one has the right to declare someone a Muslim or non-Muslim. Now he has changed his stance, while answering a question, he said, if his Government comes into being, he will not declare ‘Qadianis’ as Muslims, Qadianis will remain non-Muslims in his Government also. I want to ask, if Qadianis will remain Kaafir in Qadri’s Government, then what was the meaning of Qadri’s speeches in which he presented his revolutionary agenda? I think it is hypocrisy and I strongly condemn his retreatment from his agenda. All our politicians make big promises to gain support and when they come into power they forget their promises.


Lahore, October 13.