I am an ordinary citizen of Pakistan, I travel daily from Fortress Sadium to Town Hall for my job. It is a long stretch of Mall Road. While going there is no problem except unorganised traffic and absence of traffic constables at a number of places. Traffic signals seldom work.

On the return journey, however, there are always road blocks in front of Assembly Hall due to various protesting groups of the society. This happens almost four or five days in a week. As a result of this I, like many other commuters have to take a detour, that makes my journey twice lengthy plus extra time to reach home, at least 30 to 45 minutes extra.

Since our Khadim-i Aala is an expert in building bridges I request him to build a fly-over from Regal chowk to Governor’s house. The protesters can protest underneath the fly-over while the traffic moves undisturbed. The second option is that Assembly Hall should be moved to Raiwind Road preferably near Jaati Umra.


Lahore, October 18.