The parliamentary system in Pakistan has failed because it suits only to a certain class of people, most of whom are incapable therefore the presidential system should be enforced and the President should be elected directly by the people. Dreams are not prohibited and everybody has a right to see dreams. Dreams reflect the mindset of the people. Dreams are usually not true, however sometimes these can prove true, like the miraculous dream of Allama Iqbal. Disappointed and depressed over the prevailing complicated condition of Pakistan take me back and start reminding me the period of its creation, memories of painful sufferings during its making and then its tragic breaking. I also sometimes see the dream of becoming the president of Pakistan, make drastic reforms, devise fruitful policies and contribute to save remaining part of Pakistan.

As the president of Pakistan, I first of all will not rule and govern the state like the obstinate Emperor of present time. Instead as a first step I will search for the hidden, ignored and so far neglected highly qualified capable professionals. I will welcome and offer them to become part of our Government and contribute in the progress of Pakistan. At the advice of the economist panel, boosting of our economy will be the top priority and focus of attention of our government on war footing.

During the rule of our government, every national policy matter will be presented before the national assembly and experts for an open debate, discussion and its scrutiny for final approval of the bill. On the first day of the national assembly session, I will bring in its notice about an ungovernable Pakistan, politically in shambles, economically on the verge of bankruptcy, facing internal and external conspiracies for its serious consideration and solutions.

Almighty God has blessed Pakistan with huge valuable reserves of gold, iron, copper, oil, coal, gas and minerals. In spite of this, shamefully every unfortunate Pakistani national is living under the fearful shadows of foreign debts due to our corrupt rulers. Our government in order to boost the national exchequer would therefore cut down national expenditures, ban imports of luxurious goods, temporarily withhold unnecessary projects and take drastic steps to stop the flight of national wealth abroad. In order to increase the national output and growth, we will cancel unnecessary national holidays, make eight hours daily duty for the employees, adopt a policy of hire and fire them and in return increase their salaries according to national inflation rate. In order to come out of serious crisis, people of Pakistan shall have to give sacrifices once again for Pakistan and change their luxurious life pattern.

Every state runs with the taxes of the people and this tax money is spent for the welfare of public. Most of the people in Pakistan do not pay income tax, why and where lies the fault? Lack of awareness, ignorance and above all fear of tax which has actually terrified the public.

Therefore our government would remove this fear from the hearts and minds of the public through massive friendly media campaign. Moreover its system starting from availability of the tax return forms, its easy filing, self- assessment and payment of tax and its collection will be made easy, simple and most convenient for the public mostly in the rural areas which forms eighty percent of population of Pakistan. Assessment of income tax from the Jagirdars, industrialists and big trade and businesses units will be made income tax authorities.

In order to improve our economy and with opinion and advice of our expert economists, we will tap and dig out our national reserves and make them productive and beneficial. At the same time we will save the valuable reserve of sui gas by restricting its use only for household purposes and ban its use for commercial purposes. The national industrialist network would be run by the cheapest, long lasting form of energy, the electricity produced from the Kalabagh dam and big reservoir, which our government shall build after the favorable national referendum and approval by the dam expert engineers. Moreover we will launch a media war against the traitors and enemies of Pakistan who had politicized its construction and inflicted so far an irreparable loss to Pakistan.

Education reforms would be our top priority. Starting from the corruption, mismanagement and educational terrorism in private schools, ministry of education all over Pakistan would be dealt with iron hand. Following consultation, opinion and advice of the education experts, the syllabus of books would be revised and made uniform all over Pakistan and enforced in private and government schools. Education for every child in Pakistan will be made free and essential. School children of government and private schools will be provided free transportation, books and a little monitory support to parents.

Diplomacy is an art and there used to be experienced, shrewd and renowned diplomats in the past in Pakistan. Many countries in the West and even in Islamic countries today doubt about the government and people of Pakistan. Therefore our government will set up at international forums efficient and effective multiple lobbing counters to look after our national interests as well as to counter anti Pakistan poisonous propaganda and activities by our enemies. Our good relations with India and Afghanistan are bleak. There will be no peace in Afghanistan for a long time and at the end Taliban will rule the country. However due to unique geo political location and its pivotal role in the region, neither Afghanistan can survive alone nor can India achieve its desire for an excess into central Asian states until and unless both Afghanistan and India develop good relations with Pakistan.

Pakistan is the only country in the world which has become the safe-heavens for illegal immigrants, foreign NGOs, agencies, drug smugglers and millions of Afghan refugees allowed by every government in the past. It seems that the ministry of interior of Pakistan had stopped existing or ceased function in the past. Therefore I as the president of Pakistan will take up this issue seriously, waste no time in sending Afghan refugees back to their country, shut down NGOs, the agencies and keep a strict check over immigration and reintroduce the old golden principle of accountability and punishments for culprits in the ministry of interior particularly. In spite of all evils and hurdles in Pakistan, I am confident that soon the people of Pakistan will take up the national political issues constitutionally and once again like in the past at the creation of Pakistan will determine to save the sinking ship of Pakistan, Inshallah.