Karbala tragedy is not mere an incident but in fact, it teaches humanity, and the great lesson to stand up for truth.

Allama Syed Safdar Hussain Shah stated while addressing at Markazi Jamia Masjid Rangpur. He said that Karbala was in fact a war between the right and wrong wherein the great sacrifice rendered by Hazrat Imam Hussain (RA), the dearest grandson of the Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (SAWW) for the right cause and glory of Islam would be remembered forever.

Speaking on the occasion, Allama Ghulam Abbas Fakhri said that the Karbala incident taught us to demonstrate the spirit of love with humanity support the right and reject the wrong. “Muharramul Haram, one of the most months of the Islamic calendar bears special significance in Islamic history for the faithful,” he added. Allama Haji Muhammad Ramzan, Allama Naveed Arshed Haidri, Qari Asad Ullah Khan and Maulana Akhtar Hussain Chishti also addressed on the occasion.

Meanwhile, annual conference on Shahadat-e-Imam Hussain (RA) was organized in Bambool. Addressing the conference, Prof Fateh Ali Awan, a prominent religious scholar and other speakers highlighted the philosophy of martyrdom of Syedul Shuhada and his companions. Allama Sher Muhammad Sialvi presided over the conference while Qari Asad Ullah Khan Niazi conducted the proceedings.

DDO VISITS SCHOOLS: DDO Sheikh Amjad visited different schools of Noorpur Thal South Sub-Division. On the occasion, in GPS No2, a presentation was given to him on the anti-dengue activities being carried out in schools. Sheikh Amjad expressed his satisfaction over the anti-dengue arrangements in the sub-division.

TFWA DEMANDS FUNDS FOR GTCP: Thal Farmers Welfare Association (TFWA) President Tariq Masood while showing concern over the reports that the Finance Ministry was not releasing funds for Greater Thal Canal Project (GTCP), has demanded the government to immediately release funds for it, as it is the most important project for the farmers of Thal.