LAKKI MARWAT - Torrential rain coupled with swift winds lashed Lakki city and adjacent villages on Sunday. The shiny sun and clouds played hide and seek since morning but after noontide the sky darkened with thick clouds. Suddenly heavy rain started making people to remain indoors. The heavy downpour also disrupted business activities in the urban locality.

It, however, made the weather cold and breezy. Rainwater accumulated on streets and roads and caused troubles for motorists and pedestrians. The overflowing and flooded sewerage drains filled with dirt and filth caused nuisance for the dwellers of urban locality.

Residents of rural localities also stuck in Lakki city due to shower and they had to leave for their villages in the evening.

There were no reports of any casualty and property/infrastructure loss till the filing of this report.

The farmers, however, took the rain as a good omen for sowing season.

“In rain dependent areas farmers sow wheat or gram crops once in a year and they get good yields if it rains on time”, they maintained.