ISLAMABAD: PTI chairman Imran Khan has said 2018 is too far and Prime Minister (PM) Nawaz Sharif will have to be answerable  on Panama Leaks just now.

“ Nawaz Sharif is under some delusion that people will forget  Panama leaks corruption on  making roads and cutting ribbons by him. 2018 is too far . Nawaz Sharif will have to render account  just now”, he said this while  talking to journalist here at Banni Gala Wednesday.

He alleged that PML-N walas are making development in the country for serving their personal interests and filling their London accounts rather than for Pakistan  because their development is meant for making personal gains.

He went on to say that  I could get flat at the cost of Rs 10 milion but Hassan Nawaz has purchased the flat at the cost of Rs 6500 million. He is not having any gold making formula but this money was plundered by Nawaz Sharif and provided to him. 

He held “ it is being said  that harm is being caused to CPEC and PTI is impediment on the way to development. But we have told Chinese ambassador PTI fully supports CPEC. We are not causing harm to CPEC nor do we want to do so. All the people of Pakistan are in favour  of CPEC. They want CPEC projects are completed and the entire country is set on the road to prosperity. But these people kept on hiding  CPEC for 3 years and now they have revealed it  in 2016. CPEC is for all the country but PML-N hid  it.   We have objection over hiding of this project by PML-N .