While we're waiting to see whether Arya and Bran Stark will be crossing paths on the next season on Game of Thrones , there could be another big reunion in the works, reports Harpers Bazaar on Wednesday.

According to GoT fan sites, former Winterfell mates Jon Snow and Theon Greyjoy could be running into each other too.

The theory seems far fetched, since Jon is based up North in Winterfell while Theon is en route to King's Landing with Daenerys Targaryen's fleet. However, Winter Is Coming suggests that Snow will be traveling south next season, which could lead him to cross paths with his old comrade.

If a reunion does happen, however, Jon and Theon likely won't be as friendly as they were in Season 1. If you remember, the latter left their shared home in terrible condition after taking over Winterfell and claiming to have killed the two youngest Stark boys, Bran and Rickon (who Jon still believes are his half-brothers).

By the Season 6 finale, both Snow and Greyjoy were on the brink of major turning points—Jon had won back Winterfell and was named King in the North, while Theon and his sister Yara had joined forces with Daenerys and began sailing with her fleet to Westeros. It seems highly unlikely that the two will be see each other again, but if something as impossible as resurrecting a dead Jon Snow can happen, then traveling across a few kingdoms doesn't seem so bad.

If only we could see moments like these again: