PR LAHORE - Pak-China Joint Chamber of Commerce and Industry is taking special initiatives to bring investment from China in the eight potential industrial sectors including furniture, handicrafts, textiles, fertilizer, cement, glass work, energy and pharmaceuticals.

The sectors were jointly identified by President PCJCCI Wang Zihai, founder president Shah Faisal Afridi, senior vice president Ahmed Fahim Khan and vice president Moazzam Ali at a meeting with a 20-member Chinese delegation from Shule County Commerce and Economic information Committee China. The delegation visited Pakistan on a special invitation of Wang Zihai.

The delegation spearheaded by Jurat Qurban, vice president China Xinjiang Kashgar Chamber of Commerce, also included Zhang Xinshan, Zhang Jin Feng, Xinming Ling, Kashi Dehong and Zhang Tiemin. All the delegates belonged to the aforementioned sectors as identified by the PCJCCI office bearers.

Wang stressed that private sectors of Pakistan and China should play vital role to further strengthen trade and economic ties between the two countries. He said that the sectors had been accentuated by PCJCCI after a detailed research of both China and Pakistan’s markets.

He told the delegates that Pakistan is having huge resource for the manufacturing of glass and the usage of glass in the high-tech world of today permeates all industrial, household and personal activities and its importance could hardly be over-stated. In China there is a gigantic market in the manufacture of bottles, jars, mirrors, car windows, windscreens, glass bulbs, tube lights, eye glasses, microscopes, ornaments, windows, sliding doors, furniture, and components of electronics goods.

In the meeting, the idea of mutual cooperation in handicrafts sector was also considered. It was projected that in view of the rapidly increasing demand of handicrafts, Pakistan could become a manufacturing house of handicrafts for China since the latter is enriched with a labor captive skilled human resource in the form of rural women. The Chinese delegation praised the idea, saying China could initiate the joint ventures with Pakistan in this sector.

It was notable that beginning of construction projects under the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) has led to an increase in Pakistan’s cement industry. PCJCCI informed that CPEC will create cement demand of about 1.5- 3 million tons per annum.

The head of the delegation acknowledged the ideas discussed during the session. He said that this visit will prove to be valuable in filling the gaps of each other’s market. He said that we are optimistic in entering into joint ventures in the segments under discussion and would certainly proceed with the relevant authorities.

Senior vice president Ahmed Fahim and vice president PCJCCI, Moazzam Ali said that business to business contacts hold key to exploit the untapped potential of trade and for that matter, frequent exchange of trade delegations was very important. The delegates were further facilitated by PCJCCI in arranging meetings and consultations with the relevant authorities and businessmen.