Ever since I moved to Dubai and lost real life, I have been a social media addict. My phone is such an integral part of my being that adding this to a mark of identification in my identity card will be no surprise. Rather it will help my near and dear ones find me whenever I vanish in the realm of my own absent mindedness. Needless to mention, my family hates me for this. I mean yeah, who would like being with a mindless maniac always glued to a screen? No one. At least not my folks. Little do they know the world this small gadget contains. From all my friends across the world to news to celebrity gossips to music to literature to what not! Between you and me, I find them doing the same and still whining about me. So yeah, bring it on!

Although this is an opinion based blog and neither my character sketch, nor the usual stories I keep crafting and narrating in my head all day long. I can simply not help being who I am. I guess this is enough to build the case that I am also a self proclaimed social media activist. I post against every injustice in the world. And yes, also credit me for changing my display pictures of the causes every now and then. Not just an activist but a pro at everything about it. No notification or news has the audacity of fleeing from my eagle eyes. Despite being notorious for walking mindlessly into wrong directions, I am pretty vigilant about all these red pop ups.

Just two or so days ago (like mindless walks I am also a pro at forgetting the time count) I came across this crystal blue eyed handsome young man with chiseled face clad in a similar coloured shalwar qameez brewing the signature desi 'karak' chaye like there is no tomorrow. Let me not proclaim my self righteousness like a true Pakistani and confess that looks do count. No matter how much I claim being a woman extraordinaire (in my head) even a rose planted in a clay pot doesn't let me turn my gaze away before sometime at least. I did appreciate this young man's striking good looks, and the brilliance of the photographer, but moved on right away as I had more messages to reply from my friends' WhatsApp groups. I have a life, after all.

Very soon this picture started flooding my news feed with the speed of light. The entire social media was filled with memes, tweets, Facebook posts and whatnot. Most, if not all, women were crushing on this young lad like a Tom Hanks or anyone else in the main show-business. This click started doing rounds all over. Soon #ChaiWala started trending on Twitter. My Indian friends were also now a little less upset about the heartthrob Fawad Khan being banned in the Indian film industry. All the leading websites and newspapers on both sides of the border found the talk of the town. Even the guys who had been gushing over Momina Mustehsen lately and then heaving a deep sigh over her engagement were spilling their beans over how bad they felt about the 'objectification' of men.  India Pakistan war news took a backseat and the chaye wala 's  godly looks (I wonder why not that perfectly brewed tea) was the new rage. Thank you good looking Pakistani men for bridging the love gap between the foe countries! The photographer's page gained instant multi-thousands of likes.

This also reminds me of many other people taking internet by storm. An enormously talented rikshaw driver singing better than many seasoned singers, a fruit vendor messemerizing the listeners and how can I forget that small child from Sukkur who worked as an office boy where his boss made a video of his immaculate folk singing! I still listen to him every now and then. That bold streak of nationalism instantly paints my heart brighter when I see the talent of my country's underprivileged folks superceding the superstars. You have made us all very proud.

Thanks to social media this guy Arshad Khan was instantly approached by various television channels. Obviously aesthetics play a major role in human life. Who didn't want to know more about our heartthrob and gain more TRP? Can you please let me know if it was also breaking news on any of the channels? His interview also became as viral as the photo alone. The poor guy was nervous and for all the obvious reasons. In one of his interviews he mentioned over one hundred and fifty girls had clicked selfies with him. Who doesn't like the attention and being loved for their good looks? But as love isn't the only thing to cry a river for, similarly attention isn't the only thing to feel over the moon for.

Our crystal blue eyed young lad who had made many hearts skip a beat seemed a little upset with people flooding his stall not for the 'karak chaye' but a glimpse of him. As clearly stated by him, this admiration wasn't enough to fill his family's needs for the dinner each night so he wanted to focus more on brewing karak chaye. Sometimes picture reverse and do rounds. Empty stomachs and pockets have much more to worry about than to feel exalted about being good looking. The photographer will definitely get more business. The YouTube channels will definitely get more subscribers. The tweeps will be flocked with retweets and more followers. Instagrammers will have a day of their lives. We will definitely continue getting more entertained every now and then.

This reminds me of those Facebook posts about ailing children on hospital beds with the captions like 'Satan will stop you from sharing this port' and '1$ for each like.' It is one of those days when you want to believe a lie and wish all these people who unknowingly created a stir on social media to be shared in a similar fashion. 1 roti for each like, 1 packet of daal for each comment and 1 bag of rice for each share! More good than bad it might bring to the lives of all these gods we worship for a day or two. Will you trust my credibility even more if I tell you that women's crush and men's anguish might not last longer than Arshad Khan and many other former Internet sensations' poverty? Thank you if you do, no worries if you don't!