NEW DELHI:  India has asked domestic arms manufacturers and other military industrial companies to be ready to boost production of weapons, ammunition, and spare parts for warplanes at a moment’s notice.

According to the India Times, India at the moment may not be ready to fight a full-blown war with Pakistan beyond a few days due to a shortage of military supplies and near depleted war reserves.

“In particular, the defense ministry is looking at small arms and ammunition and spare parts and weapons for the Sukhoi and Mirage fighter fleets on a priority basis”.

The news outlet points out that the Indian military is vulnerable to facing critical shortages, particularly in ammunition and small arms, in just a few days if a full-scale war were to break out.

“Successive years of dipping into war reserves to raise new military units on the China border have led to depleted stocks that in some cases may not even last four days in case of a full blown conflict along the [Pakistan] border”.

Indian PM Modi’s administration has sent officials to assess the capability to meet immediate requirements of the armed forces if necessary, government officials and top company executives told The India Times.

“Weapon suppliers, including some with the biggest businesses in India, have been contacted to convey that, if need be, contracts for additional arms could be placed on an immediate basis”.

India’s Finance minister Arun Jaitley suggested there could be an increase in the defense budget to meet security needs.