Jinnah had declared at independence that Kashmir was a jugular vein of Pakistan. Now when Modi has threatened to stop our sweet water supply from western rivers of Indus, Jhelum, and Chenab, the meaning of Kashmir been our jugular vein is clearer. Our entire agricultural sector depends on water. Pakistan could be starved of water. Our foreign ministry advisor has said that revoking the Indus Water Treaty would be taken as an act of war. It is well known that both India and Pakistan could be obliterated if a war was to emerge between them. Pakistan is no Japan, in the sense that USA could use two nuclear bombs to destroy a silent Japan which was not a nuclear power itself. 

India ought to think twice before revoking the Indus Water Treaty. It must be understood by Mr. Modi that restricting water supply to Pakistan would be harbinger for total destruction of India as Pakistan today possesses nuclear weapons which were not available to Japan in Second World War. 


Lahore, October 14.