VEHARI - A large number of journalists of Vehari Press Club submitted a complaint to the Punjab information secretary against Vehari Deputy Director Information Majid Shah over his alleged favouritism.

The complainants stated that the deputy director information was not dealing with the journalists on equal basis. He gives information to his blue-eyed journalists and groups and ignores the others, they said. Thus, the other journalists and media groups have to face difficulties in getting news related to district administration, they said.

They demanded immediate transfer of the officer. They stated that he was not doing his job in proper way and committing negligence. “He is promoting negative politics in Vehari Press Club. He is acting in accordance with the policy of ‘divide and rule’. There are three groups of journalists in Vehari namely The Journalists Panel, United Media Group and Progressive Group,” they said.

They stated that in annual elections 2012 of Vehari Press Club, Progressive Group was defeated by the Journalists Panel. Even then, the officer took a particular cameraman of the panel with him for administration coverage, they said. Some time he gives exclusive news to his blue-eyed persons because of which majority of the professionals could not get proper information about events, they noted.

They said the officer has become a hurdle in peace of Vehari Press Club. The complaint was submitted by over 50 journalists including former president of Press Club Sheikh Khalid Masood, Chaudhry Fayyaz, Malik Tanvir Bhara, Javed Iqbal, Amjad Saeed, Mirza Gulzar, Syed Javed, Chaudhry Sagheer, Mujahid Jutt, Hashim Sultan, Rana Afzal, Rana Murslin. They demanded that Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif should take strict action against the deputy director.

Meanwhile, the secretary information Punjab appointed Director Information Multan Sajjad Jahanian as inquiry officer to probe the issue. Sajjad said that he would conduct the inquiry on merit.