Islamabad-The Millennium University College (TMUC) organized an oath taking ceremony for Student Council 2016-17 in an effort to regularizing the student body and encourage the students to become more responsible pupil and citizen at TMUC, H-11/4, says a press release.

Senator Muhammad Talha Mehmood, the Chairperson Senate Standing Committee for Narcotics Control and Interior graced the occasion as a chief guest. He administered the oath and distributed badges and sachets to the new members of the council which they received with immense pride and diligence.

Speaking on the occasion, Chief Executive Roots Millennium Schools & The Millennium University College Faisal Mushtaq urged the students to represent The Millennium University College responsibly, study hard and uphold the institution’s heritage and work for its progress

TMUC Millennials vowed under oath that they would faithfully execute their duties as a member of the Student Council and devote themselves to the serious pursuit of knowledge and truth, in order to become a contributing member of the society.

Addressing the student council on the occasion Chief Guest Senator Talha Mahmood emphasized on the need for the students to be responsible citizens and assume their leadership role to make a revolutionary change in Pakistan. He appreciated the students while also commending the TMUC leadership for providing the students with the right academic atmosphere, guidance and mentorship.

Prominent members of the newly installed student council thanked the leadership and urged the students to learn from their seniors while giving them due respect.

The TMUC firmly believes in the ideology of cultivating the logical and organized future leaders and nation building in its students by equipping them with the best of analytical abilities and conclusive skills required for facing global challenges.