HYDERABAD - Used syringes are the main source of transmitting diseases like HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis-B and C, Professor of Medicine at LUMHS, Jamshoro Dr Bikha Ram Devrajani said on Tuesday.

Talking to APP, he said it was need of the hour to create awareness about it not only among the masses but also medics and paramedics.

He expressed grave concern that medics, paramedics as well as quacks used already used syringes and played with precious lives.

He said that majority of people in the country believed that injections would relieve them from pain. “That's why they insist on taking injections. The doctors also prefer injections to medicines, believing these would cure the patients early,” he added.

Ram said that only sterilized syringes could protect the patients from other diseases.

He said according to a survey, the rate of using injections in Pakistan every year was 14 per patient, which, he said, was highest as compared to the other countries.

He said that patients of Hepatitis-B and Hepatitis-C were increasing in the country, particularly in Sindh due to lack of knowledge about their prevention.

“The ratio of the disease associated with unsafe therapeutic injection is very high in the country, particularly in Sindh,” he added.

Ram emphasised the need for spreading awareness about the threats emanating from the use of unsafe syringes in rural areas, in particular.

He said that public awareness through print and electronic media could help the people to prevent themselves from the quacks, who are habitual of the repeated use of syringes, playing havoc with the life the people.

Dr. Bikha Ram also emphasized the need of a comprehensive strategy of controlling the use of unsafe syringes.

He stressed that syringes used once should be destroyed.

The treatment of deadly diseases is very costly and there is the need that the people should take precautionary measures and prevent themselves from these diseases through vaccination and the use of safe syringes, Dr. Bikha added.