While there is confusion whether the recent drone attacks were carried out on the soil of Pakistan or not, DG ISPR and Foreign Minister of Pakistan have come out strongly and rejected the possibility of attacks on Pakistan’s territory. Both of them have denied any strike in Pakistan and brushed aside such claims baseless.

While what the representatives of the civilian and military leadership of the country are suggesting might be right – there was no drone strikes in Pakistan in this present case - no one can deny that US drone warfare has been extended to Pakistan over the past few months. Hardly a month ago, a drone strike hit a village in Kurram Agency, and unmanned vehicles were hovering in the skies of FATA and KP for almost ten days to prior to the rescue of the Canadian couple.

The foreign minister and DG ISPR suggest that Pakistan will not tolerate any such attack in future. But it is crystal clear that Pakistan has not succeeded in making the strikes stop, perhaps they don’t even plan too.

Since, Musharraf’s era till today, no one from the government or military has ever come up with a comprehensive policy or clear statement regarding the nature of the drone warfare on Pakistan’s soil. No one has ever confirmed if such attacks are carried away with the approval of Pakistani state. It is about time for both of the persons aforementioned to elucidate a clear policy on drones. It will help in removing any confusion that has clouded the minds of public, media and, in fact, the government itself.

Not only do the military and the government seem weak and duplicitous when it alludes that no more strike will be permitted, despite the fact that they continue anyway, the vagueness also create ample ground for domestic criticism in Pakistan. The government blames the military, the military blames the government, and the people blame anyone they can. An elucidated policy, even if it proves unpopular with the public, will at least remove this free for all.

The country has shouldered countless burdens and made numerous sacrifices in the war against terror - it deserves to know if drone strike is another thing they have to put up with. The people deserve the truth, and if explained properly through the national security lens, they will understand.

Duplicity, vagueness and misleading press conferences are not the way to go.