NEW YORK-Katy Perry has asked a fan to make a dress for her and her dog. The 32-year-old singer was so impressed by the sight of supporter Samantha Bolton’s homemade outfit, which features her tour logo of an eye, at a meet-and-greet before her show at the KFC Yum Center in Louisville, Kentucky, she has commissioned her to design more.

According to TMZ, Samantha, 26, made her dress and shoes from more than 3,000 rhinestones and featured a logo which looks similar to the one the ‘Firework’ hitmaker uses for her current ‘Witness: The Tour’.

Katy posted a video on her Snapchat of Samantha and the dress, and the supporter has since been inundated with requests to make replicas of her outfit.

She has a full-time job but told the gossip website she hopes this could be her big break into the world of fashion design.

In the clip, a visibly shocked Katy sees the dress and screams: ‘’Where did you get that?’’

Samantha replies: ‘’I made it.’’

Katy then asked Samantha to make her one, and she said she will.

The ‘Swish Swish’ hitmaker then joked: ‘’You made it and you didn’t make me one? Please leave.’’

Katy could potentially wear her newly-designed attire on a date, but she recently admitted being single is helping her career. The blonde star - who was married to comedian Russell Brand from 2010 until 2012 and has also dated the likes of John Mayer and Orlando Bloom - said: ‘’I’m a bit younger in heart! I’m a bit more mature ... single!

‘’You know, when you’re single, you got a lot of time to yourself and a lot of energy, and I’m just finding a delicate balance.’’