LONDON:- Liam Gallagher has branded his brother Noel’s new single ‘’annoying’’. The ‘Wall of Glass’ singer thinks his older sibling has played it too safe with his latest track, ‘Holy Mountain’ and wouldn’t want to listen to it himself. Asked his opinion on the song, he told Vulture: ‘’Obviously you know what I’m going to say, but it’s not for me. Musically, I find it a bit annoying. I think there are too many notes in it, and it’s just a bit not risky. It’s not for me.’’ The 45-year-old rocker insists he doesn’t care that Noel has always been portrayed as the more sensible sibling because he thinks his 50-year-old brother and former Oasis bandmate has worked hard at trying to be ‘’beige’’, while he doesn’t worry about what people think of him.