KARACHI - NED University has climbed up the ranking ladder this year attaining 301st position among all Asian universities  

According to a press statement, after the announcement of these new rankings, NED has become a top-ranking engineering university in Sindh and stands second among all public sector universities of the province. 

It now occupies fourth position among all engineering universities of Pakistan, and second among all Pakistani UETs. 

It should be noted here that the major factor that improved NED’s ranking this year was its employer reputation, in terms of which it is now listed among top 130 Asian universities. It has also registered achievements in its academic reputation and now stands at 227th place. 

Despite having gone through a very serious financial crunch recently, the university’s resilience is a major success story for public sector institutions.  

The rankings recently announced reveals several significant spots for NED university in Sindh: 2ndspot in two categories: employer reputation and outbound exchange.