STOCKHOLM - Sweden’s Foreign Minister Margot Wallstrom said Wednesday she had experienced sexual harassment “at the highest level of politics” as she announced she had joined the #MeToo campaign on Facebook. “I can confirm that this occurs at the highest level of politics and that I myself have experienced it,” Wallstrom told Sweden’s TT news agency.

She said she didn’t want to speak about it “in a too personal manner” nor did she confirm that an incident took place during a meeting of European officials, as reported in a journalist’s memoirs.

“We have to think about our laws. How can we change public attitudes and what can we do with the means at our disposal to put an end” to sexual harassment , she said.

Wallstrom, who has been in her post since 2014, has been charged by Prime Minister Stefan Lofven with pursuing a “feminist diplomacy” that urges respect for women’s rights and freedoms as part of Sweden’s international relations.

In 2015, Stockholm’s diplomatic ties with Riyadh were frozen after she called Saudi Arabia a “dictatorship”, denouncing in particular its treatment of women in brazen terms that other Western diplomats might have avoided in dealing with the oil-rich state.

The #MeToo campaigns on Twitter and Facebook have garnered thousands of accounts of sexual abuse and harassment at the hands of men, spurred by the revelations over a history of abuse by Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein.