The controversial speech by MNA Captain Safdar in National Assembly is a shameful and detestable act unbecoming of a person representing his constituency in Parliament. Equally irresponsible was the Deputy Speaker who failed to perform his role by allowing him to indulge in what can only be defined as verbal absurdity bordering on insanity and hate. 

For information of MNA Safdar, in a Medina Welfare State, which he referred to, all law-abiding citizens have right to practice their faith, whilst the head of state and his family must be accountable for all assets and submit before law. The learned MNA should be aware that there is no place for a corrupt ruler in Medina Welfare State , and he should voluntarily submit to accountability. There is no precedent of a ruler of an Islamic State having assets in his name or in the name of his family in a territory beyond his jurisdiction. 

It is mandatory for a ruler of Medina Welfare State not to have any conflicts of interest, as was enforced by Hazrat Abu Bakr, Hazrat Umar and others. Merely labelling a state as Islamic does not qualify it to become one. It is practice of Islamic concept of justice and equality before law of all citizens irrespective of their status or faith, and mandatory responsibility of state to cater for welfare of most deprived. Ruler of an Islamic State must lead a life of austerity. 

As for any individual to be a Muslim, he/she must have unquestioned belief in Almighty Allah and finality of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) as last of the prophets. Any person who has any doubts about any of these two fundamental basic principles is automatically cast out of faith in the eyes of Almighty Allah. All human beings in an Islamic Society are born equal. It is only in a Hindu society where birth classifies a person as a Dalit or a Brahmin. Nobility in Medina Welfare State cannot be inherited but earned by an individual through his practices and deeds in accordance with Islamic injunctions. 


Lahore, October 14.