ISLAMABAD -  Iran on Wednesday said the United States supported dictatorship against democracy.

In a statement issued here, the Iranian embassy said: “From the very first days of the Islamic revolution, the United States adopted a hostile, interventionist and destabilising approach towards Iran’s newly-established government with the aim of overthrowing it.”

It said the United States’ bleak record staging several coup attempts, harbouring terrorists, openly supporting Saddam Hussein during the imposed war against Iran even his use of chemical weapons against Iranians, aiding secessionist plots, downing an Iranian civil airliner, and hundreds of other conspiracies against Iran and its people - was undeniable.

“The US has imposed restrictions that bar scientific and technological exchanges, while also imposing sanctions in these fields. These actions serve no purpose but trying to hold back our technological development and prolong dependence on advanced powers. The efforts of our young scientists to acquire the knowledge for the development of a peaceful nuclear programme has from its outset been met with propaganda, sanctions, cyber attacks and even the assassination of our scientists,” the statement said.

Iran, it said, had repeatedly stated that it wishes to utilise nuclear energy peacefully, and that we view weapons of mass destruction — including nuclear weapons - as disruptive to peace and security, and as such they will never have a place in our military doctrine.

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) report and conclusion in 2015, rejecting accusations of Possible Military Dimensions, acknowledged the peaceful nature of Iran’s nuclear activities, said the statement.

The statement came after US President Donald Trump signalled Washington was turning its back on the 2015 nuclear agreement.

Trump announced he would not re-certify the landmark deal under which Iran suspended elements of its nuclear energy programme for a relaxation of sanctions.

Iran, the statement said, had officially registered with the Joint Commission those violations, including failures in lifting of sanctions and policies preventing the establishment of an atmosphere necessary for normalisation of trade and economic relations with Iran.

“The claim by the president of United States regarding Iran’s non-compliance has no international relevance or credibility, since the IAEA, as the sole authority to conduct such monitoring and verification, has repeatedly confirmed Iran’s full compliance with its commitments under the JCPOA. This proves once again that the United States is not a reliable negotiating partner,” the statement added.

The statement said terrorist groups had found safe haven in the US and plotted against the Iranian people over the past 38 years.

The statement said that Iran, while successfully establishing the highest standards of stability and security at home, had provided its advisory services to the people and security forces of Iraq and Syria, playing an indispensable role in combating terrorism, thwarting the takfiri (extremist) campaign to take over Damascus, Baghdad and Erbil, and helping uproot these groups from Iraq and Syria.

The statement said today, the United States was more isolated globally than ever before and the veracity of Iran’s policies and positions had become evident to the international community.