Punjab Minister for Information and Culture, Fayyaz-ul-Hassan Chohan has once again condemned the hooliganism by the opposition members during the provincial assembly's session on Friday.

Addressing Punjab Assembly and a while later talking to media, he said that Friday’s ruckus has exposed the PML-N’s real face before the masses that is absolutely undemocratic.

The people of Punjab have now realized that the opposition, mainly the PML-N has nothing to do with democracy, democratic institutions, and the parliamentary politics, he added. Today's conduct of PML (N)'s members has destroyed the sacredness of the house.

He observed that Tuesday would be considered as the most condemnable day in the history of Punjab Assembly. The opposition legislators led by Hamza Shehbaz on Tuesday had tried to attack the Secretary Punjab Assembly, gathered around Speaker, hurt Deputy Secretary, Additional Deputy Secretary, and damaged the state property, which is highly shameful. According to an estimate PML-N had damaged approximately 0.9 millions' state property including furniture, mikes, and speakers.

He also criticized Hamza Shehbaz for his support to his men. Terming his hue and cry over the ongoing accountability process “understandable” the minister said “They have come to know that they will not be spared this time”.

“I just want to remind Hamza Shehbaz about his own words that we should "respect the Vote". He must abide by his own words”, he maintained.

The investigation agencies, he added, are working independently, and exposing the faces of corrupt elements across the board.

Chohan has also denounced the opposition's propaganda on the issue of legendry poet Late Habib Jaalib's daughter. He said that opposition's propaganda is absolutely baseless.

The stipend of late Habib Jaalib's daughter was in fact seized by Hamza Shehbaz Kashmiri after the death of Late poet's widow during PML (N)'s own regime.

He made it clear that the provincial government is ready to reinstate his daughter's stipend on humanitarian grounds whenever we receive any such request.