Parent and child is a purest relationship in the world. Who we are, we owe to our parents. We are living a comfortable life due to them. They show unconditional love to us. Without them, we feel all alone in this world and face many troubles and challenges because no other person can show that support and genuine love as our parents can. They are the people who share happiness and sorrows equally. They not only give financial support but also strengthen our moral values. They sacrifice on their basic needs just to fulfill our little wishes. They are angels in human faces. But what we do when they need us? We leave them at old age homes? Just because we think that it becomes very difficult for us to take care of our parents when they get aged?

How one can forget all the sacrifices made by parents for their child? How one can forget that no one was with him but his parents when he needed someone the most? How one can forget tireless hard work his father did for him, even though he was not well? How can one forget the lies of his mother? When there was not enough food to fill hungry stomachs, it was your Mom who transferred her meal to you lying, “Eat this son. I’m not hungry”. Then how one can leave his parents at old age homes? This is what your parents deserve from you? Sadly saying, “Our parents showed us the World, we showed them Old age home in return”.

It is very heart wrenching to see massive increase of old parents in old age homes. We’ve totally neglected our moral values. Parents are a blessing for us. All they need is our care, attention and love. They cannot get that love from other people what they want from us. It is just our duty to take care of them and fulfill all their needs and wants. Leaving them at old age home will have shattering effects on their emotions. They are not any financial burden on us; it is our duty to spend money on them. We are too busy for them. We need to spare some time from our monotonous lives for our parents. And we should always keep them with ourselves with respect and love. No matter how far we come, prayers of our parents are always with us. Love your parents, they are the key to your success in this World and Hereafter.


Lahore, October 6.