LAHORE  A high level delegation of Pakistan Furniture Council (PFC) will participate in Khartoum International Fair 2019 in Sudan starting from January 21-28 and showcase made in Pakistan world class and fabulous traditional furniture items to attract foreign buyers and investors. Presiding over a meeting of board of directors here on Thursday, PFC Chief Executive Mian Kashif Ashfaq stressed the importance of the presence of Pakistani companies in such events, which will play a role in strengthening the international relations between Pakistan and Sudan. He further said that this participation will certainly have a significant impact on the marketing of the Pakistani products, which will also contribute to the development of the private sector in Pakistan and consequently support the national economy. “I encourage Pakistani furniture companies to focus on the Sudanese market, being one of the promising markets that have a will to purchase high quality products with features enjoyed by the Pakistani products,” he added.

“In line with the efforts undertaken by Trade Development Authority Pakistan to facilitate the investment and trade process between Pakistan and Sudan, we seek to organise an investment forum in Khartoum for investors from both sides with the aim of boosting trade exchange and intensifying economic relations between the two countries,” he added. He said Pakistan and Sudan are situated at strategic locations as Pakistan is a gateway for South & Central Asia and Middle East while Sudan is a gateway for huge market of Africa.

Pakistan’s total trade with Africa is $3 billion as against the total trade volume of $3 trillion. Pakistan’s share in total trade of African countries is 0.3 per cent.He said that by enhancing direct contacts between private sectors of both countries and facilitating them in their efforts, Pakistan and Sudan have the potential to take bilateral trade up to US$700 million within a period of 2-years. 

Mian Kashif said during their visit to Sudan, the delegation will explore new markets and strengthening existing bilateral trade relations with their counterparts in furniture industry besides availing the opportunity to study about the latest designing of products and modern technologies in their fields to improve their businesses to compete global markets. He said that foreign companies have shown keen interest in Pakistani market. He urged the Pakistani businessmen to start joint ventures with their foreign counterparts.

We extend our support to provide further boost to the upbeat furniture industry of Pakistan, as we want to see it achieve new heights of success, but that would only be possible if all furniture stakeholders work collectively towards the achievement of a common goal,” PFC Chief further said.

Be it office furniture, kids furniture, bedroom furniture or any other type of furniture, Pakistan has the capacity to gain its fair share in international markets. However, the government needs to provide robust backing to the furniture industry. Otherwise, individual efforts may not fetch coveted results.