LAHORE-Pakistan’s film censor board has cleared the release of Shamoon Abbasi’s upcoming film ‘Durj’.

Durj is an upcoming mystery thriller film, written and directed by Shamoon Abbasi and produced by Dodi khan.

The film stars Shamoon Abbasi, Sherry Shah, Maira Khan, Dodi Khan, Nouman Javaid and Hafeez Ali.

The film is based on true events and a large part of it is about cannibalism.

It is the story of a woman searching for her missing husband that had been killed for hunger by the kidnapper.

“Some of the really graphic scenes have been removed for obvious reasons, other than that the film is good to go,” said censor board official.

Though Durj’s release (on October 10) was postponed in the Gulf countries, according to recent reports, the film had its international release in the US, UK, Canada, Norway and Denmark – on October 11 and received a 3-minute standing ovation at the exclusive screening held in Bradford Cineworld London, UK.

Earlier this month, Shamoon Abbasi shared that Durj is neither vulgar nor it is anti-state or anti-religion. It simply depicts the subject of mental illness in some people who tend to go to extremes to commit crimes like cannibalism.”

Actress Sanam Saeed also raised her voice against the ban on Shamoon Abbasi’s film ‘Durj’.

Writing on Twitter, she said: “Why are films like #Durj Banned. If Hollywood films with all their sexual innuendos and violence and dark topics can play in our cinemas then why can’t our independent out of the box films like Durj be played??”