LAHORE-“Saira aur Maira” a new theater Production by Ajoka theater will be premiered today at Alhamra hall 2 Mall Road. The play is a tribute to Iconic human rights campaigner and eminent Lawyer Asma Jahangir. Ajoka’s exeuctive director Shahaid Nadeem have specially written and directed the play for Asma Jahangir conference 2019 in collaboration with legal aid group AGHS.

The play is based on some historic cases handled by Asma Jahangir about the women’s emancipation. Most of the leading actors have been groomed by Ajoka’s acting classes and they will perform in a major play for the first time.

Despite its grim subject, “Saira aur Maira” is a celebration of courage and conviction of the women fighting against unjust patriarchal system. The play will be presented with theatrical embellishment, music, good lighting and the play has a strong social and emotional impact. Striking choreography and heartwarming music are important element of the production.

Shahid Nadeem, while talking about the new production said that Asma Jahangir was a soulmate of Ajoka’s co-founder Madeeha Gauhar and a source for inspiration for whole Ajoka team. “Saira aur Maira” highlights Asma’s struggle as human rights lawyer by unfolding real life stories for which Asma received criticism and appreciation at the same time.

Asma Jahangir was a courageous lady and human rights lawyer who always raised her voice for oppressed segments of the society. Ajoka will also perform this play in upcoming Faiz festival, he concluded.