I fail to understand logic of arguments put forth by Minister of Oil and Gas, flanked by another minister and advisors who were trying to convince citizens of Pakistan that over Rs 416 Billion allegedly collected by fertilizer companies, IPP, LPG, KESC(KE) and other GENCOs cannot be retrieved from these companies. Irrespective of whether Gas Infrastructure Development Cess levied was irregular or regular, and the Courts have once declared this surcharge as being imposed without following legal requirements, the fact remains that this surcharge was collected by these super rich individuals and powerful groups. If it was illegally levied by the Government in 2011 and the courts declared it as such, yet these companies continued to collect this GIDC from citizens of Pakistan.

How can the legal wizards employed by the State fail to notice this illegality and gross financial irregularity committed by these companies when they collected over Rs 416 Billion. If GIDC was, or is once again declared irregular, than this cannot in any way be interpreted that illegally collected money may remain with these companies. Nobody other than National Exchequer can be trusted with custody of this money. The State can utilize this amount to subsidize farmers, consumers of electricity etc. Whose interest do these few concerned federal ministers, advisors and law department including the chief law officer of Pakistan serve?. I am shocked at logic advanced by these men who it seems have ill advised PM Imran Khan, thereby casting doubts about him in minds of those who voted for him in hopes of justice for all and accountability across board and not repeat of what has been occurring in this unfortunate country.