ISLAMABAD     -   An educationist-turned-politician, Mr Sadaqat Ali Abbasi, has introduced a new governance model which allows a favourably active interaction between him and his constituents.  In an exclusive talk with The Nation, Mr. Abbasi briefed how he created a new governance model which allows him to get in contact with the everyday life of a normal person. The MNA has formed an advisory committee which consists of representatives of different departments like health, education, forest, gas, electricity, roads and highways, tourism, trade etc. The representatives of these sectors are further linked with their correspondent district departments. Mr. Abbasi said that the committee was formed exclusively for each district under his governance. At this time, the MNA holds five districts - Murree, Kahota, Kotli Sathiyan, Kalar Syedaan and some part of Rawalpindi Mr Sadaqat Ali Abbasi was elected as Member National Assembly (MNA) representing Murree-Kahuta in the latest elections 2018. He defeated Shahid Khaqan Abbasi. The victory of Mr. Sadaqat Ali Abbasi came out as a revolution in Murree where his opponent, Mr. Shahid Khaqan Abbasi had represented Murree/ Kahuta as MNA for over two decades. Not only did Mr. Sadaqat have more votes than his opponent, his votes were even more than that of PM Imran Khan, Sheikh Rasheed and Asad Umar. While briefing about the system, he further elaborated by giving an example, “the advisor of education of a certain district is in contact with every focal person of the union council and those focal persons are getting details of every school and college through their principles and administration. So, whatever is going around the education sector, I am well-aware of it with the help of this cycle.” Mr. Sadaqat Ali Abbasi further told The Nation, “The union councils are further divided into two committees. One is the Development Monitoring Committee (DMC) which is tasked for development projects of every sectors and the other is Islahi Committee which is tasked to control street related crimes. Therefore, whatever happens, I am informed about it in no time owing to the chain of workers working in these committees.” According to him, this new system has improved the interaction of the governance with the general public and has also made the governance stronger and effective. Apart from this innovative governance model, Mr. Sadaqat discussed about other projects such as working on Kotli Sathiyan and Kahota to make them tourist spots, allocation of Murree Punjab House Area for university and development