GUJRAT-A seminar was held here at Hafiz Hayat Campus of the University of Gujrat (UoG) to promote reading habits among students in a bid to revive the culture of book-reading and create awareness about benefits of the activity.

The seminar, titled ‘Tasneef’, was organized by the Readers’ Club students of Mass Communication Department in collaboration with Quaid-e-Azam Library to pay a rich tribute to UoG authors from among the students and faculty on the 10th anniversary of the founding of the club.

Among the guests of honour were renowned author Abu Bakr Farooqi, critic and academic Khalid Fayyaz, Chairperson Centre for Languages and Translation Studies (CeLTS) Dr Ghulam Ali, Chief Librarian Kazim Ali Syed, senior academics Dr Zahid Bilal and Tipu Sultan, and student authors Usama Khalid and Jahanzeb Safdar. Cooridnator Readers’ Club Rukhana Riaz moderated the proceedings. Dr Ghulam Ali and Khalid Fayyaz critically analyzed Abu Bakr Farooqi’s ‘Women Nobel laureates of 21st Century’ and ‘Argumentative essay/writing in Urdu’. Usama Khalid discussed his journey of creativity and recited some pieces of poetry from his recently published ‘Safarzad’. Jahanzeb Safdar read a few extracts from his book on Ms Fatima Jinnah’s political life ‘Lantern of democracy’.

Dr Ghulam Ali said, “Literature is an authentic expression of a nation’s contemporary social development. A national narrative has its roots deeply embedded in the indigenously produced literary works or writings.”

He said Abu Bakr Farooqi’s ‘Women Nobel laureates of 21st Century’ was a beautiful attempt to highlight the catalytic role of women in social and economic development.

“The short story being a true depiction of life and its realities provides the basis for building up its narrative. Abu Bakr Farooqi has thoroughly discussed plot, technique and characters which answers almost all the questions emerging in the readers’ minds,” Khalid Fayyaz said.

Abu Bakr Farooqi said that book reading promotes culture and civilization. He said it was our national responsibility to encourage the youth to develop the habit of book-reading.

Dr Zahid Bilal said that writers and poets from Gujrat have earned a great fame for their contribution in literature.

Kazim Ali Syed discussed the role of marketing in the publishing industry. He said that modern technology has brought about a change in the very structure of the book. A vista of a whole new world of smart devices, audio boxes and other modern tools for marketing and rating has emerged and taken over everything from us. Tipu Sultan presented a critical analysis of some of the poems from ‘Safarzad’. Rukhsana Riaz thanked the participants of the seminar.