MULTAN - Seed cotton (Phutti) equivalent to 2.688 million or exactly 2,688,385 bales have reached ginneries across Pakistan till Oct 15, 2020, showing a shortfall by 39.45 per cent compared to corresponding period of last year. According to fortnightly report issued by PCGA here Sunday, 2.29 million or 2,291,514 bales have undergone the ginning process. Arrivals in Punjab were recorded at 1.2 million or 1,213,908 bales and 1.4 million or 1,474,477 bales in Sindh. Total over 2 million or 2,024,524 bales have been sold out including 2,007,524 bales bought by textile millers and rest of 17000 by exporters.  Stock of cotton bales lying unsold was calculated at 663,861 bales.