ISLAMABAD-The band’s long-time manager Chris Murphy has joined forces with music labels Universal and Warner Chappell to bring the stage production to life. The eagerly anticipated show will feature up to 200 songs recorded from INXS, beginning from when they first rocketed to fame in 1977. After discussing the project for a decade, Chris has brought on board Sydney-based producer Michael Cassel to develop the show. Michael confirmed to the publication that a successful and well-known international writer will bring in the story to life. ‘If all goes to plan, we could have a table reading with actors in Sydney sometime in early 2021. 

That would be our hope,’ Michael said. He added: ‘The potential for this is huge, INXS were a true global super group, the appeal of their music still stands today. It’s now a matter of coming up with a story which can draw inspiration from those songs in a new and compelling way.’