Pakistan is a land where different opinions are exercised as beliefs. From cradle to death, our society is not sure about how to create balance in IQ (Intellectual Quotient) and EQ (Emotional Quotient) or I will say hypocrisy in attitudes. Persuade of self-centric goals and aiming to be greater than our neighbours is the prime agenda that is prevailing in the mindsets of the society. People who are successful treat their struggling fellows as less competent. However, these failed students spend most of the time finding their ways. A lacuna of genuine mentorship legs behind. First-person “I” is used for telling autobiographies. But unfortunately, “I” has become the first pronounced word of “self”.

Young minds with good grades lack leadership guidance. If we ponder into the lives of the educationist scientists, I perceive that they are the chosen people who dedicate themselves as puritans for the malfunctioning societies.

However, another side of the society is that it is claimed “I” am a citizen of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. And the same “I” calls names to another “I’s’ woman. It gives the former “I” a proud feeling. Tongues and eyes have become an uncontrolled and unguarded tool of harassment or expression sources of a failed “I”. Is this is because of the dummy educated minds? Are students being provided mentorships from time to time by their teachers? Or is because the faculty treats students as a competitor? Where is the gap?