ISLAMABAD   -  Pakistan born German national Naveed Abdul Wahid has filed a defamatory suit of Rs500 million against a private school “Tree House School Islamabad” for causing mental torture, agony, distress and causing substantial loss to well-being and future of a student Kamil Wahid Abid alias Master Kamil. 

Barrister Adnan Saboor Rohaila on behalf of petitioner Naveed Abdul Wahid submitted defamation suit of Rs500 million before the court of Senior Civil Judge Islamabad.

 for passing a decree of damages and named the Principal and Naadiya Manzur Executive Director Tree House School as respondents in the case.

The application stated that the Plaintiff knocked the door of justice for the inhuman, satire and parochial treatment by the respondents jointly and severally, due to their unprofessional, negligent and cruel behavior to the petitioner to whom the respondents owed a duty of care by virtue of being a fiduciary as parent and guardian of Kamil Wahid son of the plaintiff and student of “Tree House School”.

The petitioner stated that due to personal events and circumstances the parents of Master Kamil had not been living together which triggered some litigation between spouses and a matter of child custody and visitation was also going on. He said that the school instead of being vigilant and careful giving extra care and support to the child chose to determine sides and dominant rights all by themselves becoming partisan and judgmental.

The application stated that initially the school management didn’t allow the plaintiff to meet and reach Kamil or his teachers being father unilaterally without any directions from court playing in the hands of a political behavior which was a purely personal affair of the parties and school didn’t need to take any dictations. The plaintiff upon the desire of Kamil as every year requested the school to celebrate a cake cutting at school which was a normal everyday affair, however, the school sent a notice to the plaintiff (Naveed) which was apparently a reply containing a direction in consequences of a legal notice from mother of Kamil which was neither sent to the plaintiff nor school shared any copy, it added.

The petition further read that “The school management caused irreparable loss to future of Kamil willfully and for further causing immense trouble, mental torture and agony beyond limits by becoming a party to whole process and making small things difficult and full of hurdles which had a trickle down extreme effect on mental health of the plaintiff. Though the agony and torture as well as depression caused, pain and frustration could not be quantified in term of money. However a claim of 500 million PKR was filed before this honourable court for passing a decree of damages.”