ISLAMABAD (Online) - President Asif Ali Zardari will address joint session of Parliament on Saturday (tomorrow) at 3:00pm at Parliament House. He was formally invited by Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani to address the joint session of Parliament. It is expected that President Zardari would present a clear-cut policy on the national issues, which the country is facing since the government took over the power after February 18 polls. On the other hand, preparations have almost been finalised to hold joint session of on September 20. About 804 seats are present to accommodate guests at the NA Hall while invitations have been issued to all the distinguished guests including heads of all armed forces, Governors of all the four provinces, bureaucrats, Chief Justice of Pakistan and other judges. Speaker NA has made it clear to all the members and Senators to come alone and make their presence mandatory urging to refrain accommodating any guests on September 20. All the members and guests would be methodically checked to avoid any untoward incident. Sources say that this is the maiden address of newly elected head of the state President Asif Zardari after former President Musharraf addressed the Parliament some four years and eight months back. Following severe criticism from the Opposition, Musharraf had not addressed the joint session of Parliament again. It is merit mentioning here that according to Constitutional norms, it is the right and duty of the President to address the Parliament. Zardari is the 12th President of the country following the resignation of President Musharraf last month. Sources added that after establishment of a democratic set up and end to dictatorship in the country, all eyes will be on President Zardari to fulfill his constitutional right, formation of federal Cabinet and solve the lingering problems of masses who have voted in favour of the incumbent government.