President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela said on September 12 that he was going to expel the American ambassador, Patrick Duddy, giving him 72 hours to leave Carracus. Mr Chavez took this step after he said his government had discovered an American-supported plot by military officers to topple him. Similarly, Bolivian President, Evo Morales, also expelled the US ambassador, Philip Goldberg. Goldberg was accused of fomenting rebellion against the democratically elected Bolivian government. American diplomats, wherever they are in the globe, hatch conspiracies against their host countries. That raises the question for Pakistanis what would life be like if we were to pack off the US embassy altogether from Islamabad? Probably, a lot more peaceful. As a further measure, add UK high commission too. Both are equally nasty. Our public does not know how many diplomats, CIA men, and MI6 operatives live behind high security walls of US embassy and UK high commission and what they do. Public odium against the US and its buddy, UK, is at an all time high. In fact, if the two diplomatic missions close down, Pakistanis will surely greet the announcement with great glee. Unfortunately, we neither have a Chavez nor oil. -DR A.P. SANGDIL, Oslo, Norway, via e-mail, September 16.