LAHORE - The Karachi Stock Exchange benchmark 100-index lackluster performance continued and market lost another 14 points during Thursday trading to close at 9,202.31 points level in spite of substantial decline in POL and edible oil prices. Dealers said that the oil rates decline would have positive impact on Pakistan economy but investors were in no mood to respond to those developments. USA financial crisis is indicating the start of recession. That is bound to hit economy of other countries. Hence investors are loosing hope of any early recovery, observed Tariq Khurshid, Executive Director, First Pakistan Securities. Drop in traded scrips continued and trading activity was seen in only 100 scrips and out of those 11 closed with plus and 26 in minus column while 63 scrips kept last closings. Volumes improved slightly and 6.242 million shares changed hands. Earlier, the market for another day of dull trading opened 1.54 points minus at 9214.69 points but recovered and came near to dividing line. It failed to come out of red and after hitting 9216.20 points high resumed declining trend. Slowly loosing ground market went to 9202.31 points low and closed there. It lost 13.92 points from yesterday closing and closed on shaky note. Free float index also started trading from minus column but recovered immediately and came in plus column. It went up to 10126.12 points high but failed to continue this recovery process and came back in minus column. Continuing decline it reached to its day low at final bell. It closed at its low at 10117.12 points after loosing 6.93 points. All shares index lost 10.03 points and closed at 6652.64 points. Today even KMI suffered loss of 18.09 points and closed at 11233.96 points. ENGRO remained on top in volumes with traded volumes of 2.968 million shares and after trading on both side of the fence closed rupees 3.63 down. Thin volumes and reduced number of traded scrips are worrisome features of this week trading sessions indicating lack of investor's confidence. At Lahore Stock Exchange market opened at 2866 points in plus column and that was its day high. It straight way went down to 2865 points and remained there throughout the day. That was day low and market finally closed marginally down from yesterday at 2865.11 points after shedding 0.07 points.  Traded scrips were 101 in numbers and from those 4 closed with plus and 8 with minus signs while remaining 89 kept last level. Volumes declined further and breaching previous low recorded historic lowest volumes of 111300 shares. Here too ENGRO kept top position in volumes with traded turnover of only 22000 shares.