KARACHI - As half month of holy Ramazan has passed, the Food Department of Sindh government has summoned a crucial meeting of all the stakeholders on Saturday to ensure the smooth supply of flour at subsidized rates to citizens. The meeting, summoned by the provincial Secretary of Food Department of Sindh will also be attended by the representatives of Flour Mills Association, Karachi Whole-Sale Market Association, Karachi Retailers Market Association and concerned officials of Karachi City District Government Karachi. The flour mills, Chakkis owners, whole-salers and retailers were minting the money by overcharging from the consumers during the current month of Ramazan, but the government authorities did not take action against the profiteers. However, as the Punjab government had taken a stern action against the hoarders and profiteers, the Sindh government too had woken up to take up this issue firmly on Saturday as its previous efforts ended in failure in bringing down prices and ensuring hassle-free flour, said sources. As a counter strategy and punishment, the provincial food department is likely to reduce the wheat quota of flour mills, sources said, adding that the flour mills were charging above the prescribed rates by the provincial Food department. The role of city government will be extended for control of prices and smooth supply of flour in city as it was the prime responsibility of the local governments in Sindh Local Government Ordinance 2001, official of food department maintained. It may be noted here that the officers of CDGK and Food Department had paid surprised visits of shops and flour mills in city and imposed fine, but this exercise had proved futile because the citizens were not receiving commodity at subsidized rates.   So far, the provincial government as well Karachi City District Government were not paying attention on the woes of common citizens for price control of essential food items in holy month of Ramazan, an angrily consumer said and added that the for this sole purpose, the provincial government recently created a separate department namely Price and Control. He said that it seemed that all these exercises are wastage of public money because despite the presence of these rules and authorities, the profiteers were fleecing the consumers. Ibrahim Bhutto General Secretary of Ration Merchant Association Karachi while talking to The Nation informed that the flour mills were selling the flour on higher than subsidized rates in city. The government supplying the official wheat at Rs1935/100 kg to flour mills under which they should have to sell flour at Rs1740/79kg, he informed, adding they were selling the commodity at Rs2250/79kg to wholesale dealers and retailers. He said the flour mills were charging Rs510 on 79 kg due to lack of writ of governance in the province and there was need to enforce the prescribed rates of flour. Meanwhile, a representative of Pakistan Flour Mills Sindh said that government provides only 30 percent of total consumption to flour mills while they fulfill the remaining requirement through buying wheat form open market on higher prices. The officials of food department were raid on flour mills without showing authority while, in mostly cases the unofficial persons raids and threats which was injustice, he lamented.